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How to enable SEO urls in ATG/Endeca Integration?

Endeca provides out of the box configuration for generating SEO specific URL. Below configuration needs to be set properly to enable ATG/En... thumbnail 1 summary
Endeca provides out of the box configuration for generating SEO specific URL. Below configuration needs to be set properly to enable ATG/Endeca SEO integration.

Steps to Configure SEO URL with encoded format

1. Set urlFormatter=/atg/spring/FromSpring/seoUrlFormatter in /atg/endeca/assembler/cartridge/manager/NavigationStateBuilder/ component to enable SEO URL.

2. Configure "seoUrlFormatter" bean object with different properties  in endeca-seo-url-config.xml as per need.
<!-- BEAN: seoUrlFormatter This is the top-level URL formatter. 
It is responsible for transforming UrlState objects into URL strings. -->
<bean id="seoUrlFormatter" 
<property name="useNavStateCanonicalizer">
<property name="defaultEncoding">
<property name="pathSeparatorToken">
<property name="pathKeyValueSeparator">
<property name="pathParamKeys">
<property name="navStateFormatter">
<ref bean="navStateFormatter" />
<property name="ERecFormatter">
<ref bean="erecFormatter" />
<property name="aggrERecFormatter">
<ref bean="aggrERecFormatter" />
<property name="urlParamEncoders">
<ref bean="N-paramEncoder" />
<ref bean="Ne-paramEncoder" />
<ref bean="An-paramEncoder" />

3. Enable URL canonicalization. Click here for more details

4. Enable N-value Encoding as per below screenshot. This setting would convert long format N-value to Encoded Format. 


Before Encoding
URL - /_/N-4294865570+104910 

After Encoding
URL - /_/N-861Z8q7

Endeca N-value Decode and Encode Settings for SEO Url

5.  Set dimension formatter under dimLocationFormatters. This is a list of dimensions value that can be part of URL. dimLocationFormatters get sets under navStateFormatter. 
Note : User aggrERecFormatter for Aggregate/Rollup Query and erecFormatter for Record Details page.

Example - Suppose BrandFormatters added here and User selects any brand from guided navigation, Brand name would start coming on SEO URL.


Endeca Dimension Formatters for SEO URL

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