Oracle Commerce Version 11.2 Bug Fixes by Component

MDEX Engine and Dgraphs Oracle Commerce MDEX Version 11.2 contains the following bug fixes: * ECMDEX-178 (Bug 19950654): Frequency relevance... thumbnail 1 summary

MDEX Engine and Dgraphs

Oracle Commerce MDEX Version 11.2 contains the following bug fixes:
* ECMDEX-178 (Bug 19950654): Frequency relevance ranking module returns zero for non-cross field matches in partial match mode.

* ECMDEX-278 (Bug 18863123): Oracle Language Technology (OLT) language analysis now considers diminutive forms are part of a words's inflected forms.

* ECMDEX-323 (Bug 20962869): Decompounding flag is inconsistently set to "yes" in vocabulary report for LATIN

* ECMDEX-390 (Bug 18915794): MDEX hangs under load in a VM on Linux.

* ECMDEX-452 (Bug 20235066): Fix incorrect relevance ranking with cross-field matching when query expansion occurs (wordforms/linguistics, thesaurus,spell correction)

* ECMDEX-454 (Bug 19525918): Oracle Language Technology (OLT) language analysis of Russian has been improved.

* ECMDEX-487 (Bug 19208538): The recall of Oracle Language Technology (OLT) language analysis when searching for words that are compounds has been improved.

* ECMDEX-491 (Bug 19261135): In evaluating merch rules, the thesaurus expansion on keyword triggers fail under some circumstances. The bug has been fixed.

* ECMDEX-516 (Bug 20715551): Dimension values that were configured as collapsible were not  searchable - now they are by default. An interface is provided in the Presentation API to optionally exclude collapsible dimension values from dimension search results if legacy behavior is desired.

* ECMDEX-585 (Bug 20604604): Spell correction to be performed on auto-phrased query instead of the original query.

* ECMDEX-727 (Bug 21290211): Dgraph hangs if update rate exceeds merge rate producing more than 1024 generation files on Linux and Solaris.

* ECMDEX-739 (Bug 20970780): Redirect with special characters in search term breaks search functionality

* ECMDEX-757 (Bug 21493641): Spelling engine is not considering some word-break options with Record Filter or Dimension Search when those options contain stop words.

* ECMDEX-760 (Bug 20586455): Exact Relevance Ranking module may sometimes ignore considerFieldRanks.

* ECMDEX-762 (Bug 20571489): Dgraph crashes for multi-key search using static ranking and whymatch. The bug has been fixed.

* ECMDEX-807 (Bug 20949540): Fixed an issue that could potentially lead to a crash if both the Ntk, Ntt and Ntx parameters as well as the Nrk, Nrt, Nrr and Nrm parameters are specified in the same URL query.

* ECMDEX-887 (Bug 21118894): Parsing of Japanese mixed-script compounds in OLT auxiliary dictionaries fails.

* ECMDEX-899 (Bug 21237506): Wildcard record search for * can return results when it should not.

* ECMDEX-913 (Bug 21316362): Support for the SSL v3 protocol is now disabled by default in the 
MDEX Engine. Command-line option --sslv3 was added to re-enable it if needed. Note that the SSL v2 protocol is now permanently disabled and cannot be re-enabled.

Platform Services

Oracle Commerce Platform Services Version 11.2 contains the following bug fixes broken up by sub-component:

* Bug Fix (BUG 21125174): Forge incorrectly writes out SEARCH="FALSE" for Externally Managed Taxonomy dimension synonyms. This has been fixed.

* ECIDC-1561: Added ability to enable SSLv3 protocol during SSL communication. SSLv3 protocol is disabled by default.


* ECIDC-1561: Added ability to enable SSLv3 protocol during SSL communication. SSLv3 protocol is disabled by default.

Developer Studio
* Bug Fix ECIDC-1599 (BUG 21572844): Developer Studio Help does not work. This has been fixed.

Tools and Frameworks

Oracle Commerce Tools and Frameworks Version 11.2 contains the following bug fixes:

General Bugs
* BUG 19896076: When securityFilter flag is set to true, securityFilter information is not getting passed from Assembler to MDEX. 

* BUG 19432231: In versions 11.0 and 11.1, the Assembler did not alert the user if it failed to update with a zip file that did not exist or was not accessible. 

* Bug 20308218: There is an issue with assembler, where if a record spec value contains special characters like /, the request to MDEX to retrieve product details information fails. 

* Bug 20961687: Assembler doesn't use the dynamic ranking specified in application configuration when RefinementMenu sort config is either default or null.

Workbench Specific
* Bug 20635510: Allow existing non-admin users to be converted to admin users.

* BUG 18939459: In version 11.1, when setting the "Sort by" order to descending of the "Records Selected by Query" property of the Record Spotlight cartridge in Experience Manager the property value was incorrectly stored as ascending.

* BUG 19215059: Silent install didn't have option to supply custom OraInventory location. 

* BUG 19516812: In version 11.1, the ecr:lastModified and ecr:lastModifiedBy properties of pages were neither imported nor exported.  Please refer to the Commerce Administrator's Guide for more details about the public format of pages.

* Bug 19213869: Migration from 3.1.2 to 11.0.0 was appending the ruleLimit property to next node and resulting in failure.
* BUG 19393548: In Version 11.1, Very large size of application log were getting created because the com.endeca.soleng.eac.toolkit.logging.RelativePathFileHandler.limit and com.endeca.soleng.eac.toolkit.logging.RelativePathFileHandler.count properties were not read from the file located at [APP_NAME]\config\script directory.
* BUG 19627543: In Version 11.1, Having invalid XML characters(for eg:) in EXPMGR, Thesaurus or KeywordRedirects causes MDEX Publish failures. This issue has been fixed in version 11.2.

* BUG 19130016: There is an issue with the Boost and Bury editor in Experience Manager, where
the refinements that have already been boosted or buried still appear under available refinements.
* Bug 20349531: There is an issue with Endeca Browser, where boosted records with record spec value containing MDEX reserved characters i.e., \ ) ( , : are lost in Record Selection Editor. 

* Bug 20435781 - In versions 11.0 and 11.1, when content export fails due to reasons like corrupted rule, promote_content exports an empty/zero-byte zip file and the tracker file is updated to the zero-byte zip. 

* Bug 20709646 - In versions 3.1.1, 3.1.2, 11.0 and 11.1, while trying to set up a dynamic record selection spotlight, the save selection button does not save anything if the selected dimension value contains any special character. 

* Bug 20849089 - When running the 2.1.2 to 3.1.2 migrate_workbench script against a configuration
that uses Rule Manager rules, ascending sorts in the rule get converted to an invalid syntax in the resultant 3.1.2 configuration. This causes errors when Assembler tries to render the sort,
because the sort is invalid.

* Bug 20574103 - In versions 11.0 and 11.1 we couldn't select all values in Endeca browser when
there are many results. 

* Bug 20849089 - On chosing more number of fiilters in endeca browser, the left hand navigation fills
up with the selected dimensions and we can't select any more dimensions. This issue is resolved.

* Bug 20910087 - Added support for two-way SSL communication in ConfigRepositoryImporter API.

* Bug 20630619  - Fixed.

* BUG 21147376 - Record filter is not applied, while saving selected records for spotlight.
This issue has been fixed.

Content Acquisition System (CAS)

Oracle Commerce CAS Version 11.2 contains the following bug fixes:

* BUG 21383337: The CAS file crawl fails on SUSE which has large group data to be read than allocated buffer size.

* BUG 20897416: Disabled the default script manipulators in CAS.For details about migration tasks,
see the Endeca CAS Migration Guide.

* ECDI-338: Record Store write operation fails with a null pointer exception when input has an invalid record. 

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