Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Whats New in Oracle Endeca Commerce 11.3?

Oracle-Commerce Workbench Experience Manager configuration (Template/Cartridges) moved from XML to JSON to support REST service based u... thumbnail 1 summary

  • Oracle-Commerce Workbench
    • Experience Manager configuration (Template/Cartridges) moved from XML to JSON to support REST service based update
    • Removed flash based experience manager to Javascript based 
    • New UI for Cartridge editor and rule list
    • New SDK approach to extend OOTB cartridge editors
    • Improved performance of  XM rules engine loading
    • Removed Rule manager
    • Inline delete option provide for boost and bury editor
  • Oracle-Commerce MDEX engine
    • REST API for search configuration to update configuration
      • Search Interface
      • Thesaurus
      • Redirects
      • Attributes and Dimensions
      • Precedence Rules
      • Record Filtering
    • Enhanced Type ahead functionality


Devika Awasthi said...

Good Post!
I have a query - Post installing Endeca 11.3 , discover-cas based application, we are trying to invoke it via service, by just trying to assemble content, something like :

Assembler assembler = assemblerFactory.createAssembler();
ContentItem contentItem = new ContentInclude("pages/browse");
ContentItem responseContentItem = assembler.assemble(contentItem);

But this fails throwing a NPE while getting siteRootPath:

Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
at com.endeca.infront.navigation.event.NavigationEventWrapper.getSiteRootPath(NavigationEventWrapper.java:401)

Would you be able to help, whats going wrong in the above? Any other configuration required?

Ajay Agrawal said...

Hi Devika,

Older version of endeca was not having the site id so pages/pagemane used to work but after 11.1 site id is required so query should be pages/<>/pagename. I hope this helps.

Ajay Agrawal

Devika Awasthi said...

small correction - its -/pages/browse

XM comes up well, will all pages coming up fine

Devika Awasthi said...

Thanks Ajay, actually I did try /pages/DiscoverElectronics/browse , no luck ..

Ajay Agrawal said...

Ideally you do not need to provide the siteid and /pages from ATG, it should be just /browse and as part of new code, DefaultSiteParser parse the siteid from atg and append the /pages/site-id in front of /browse.

Ajay Agrawal

Devika Awasthi said...

Thanks for responding Ajay. I agree with you. We aren't using atg. Trying to invoke assembler via spring boot based service,hence getting stuck here..

Ajay Agrawal said...

Even for spring boot this should work, what are you trying this for? OOTB discover service application has assembler configured and have BasicActionPathProvider implementation. This class gets the sitestate object passed in assembler-context.xml, can you help me get the code so that i can have clear understanding?

Devika Awasthi said...

sure, thanks, got an email id , i can zip and send across?

Devika Awasthi said...

Thanks Ajay, I could get this sorted, there was some issue with RequestEventInitializer entry in assembler-context.

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