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ATG Endeca Integration : How to Troubleshoot Endeca Baseline update When Expected Data is Not Available in Endeca indices?

Business creates data and push into Endeca for Indexing. Some type of data that was added through ATG and Endeca baseline update ran success... thumbnail 1 summary
Business creates data and push into Endeca for Indexing. Some type of data that was added through ATG and Endeca baseline update ran successfully without any errors, but the data changes are not reflected in the Endeca-based application.  

Find out below to best way to troubleshoot the same. Issue can be either ATG end or Endeca end.

1. Inspect the data/logs on ATG side

By default, the following ATG components are involved to generate data that will be stored in Endeca CAS record stores for Product records. There are same set of Component for Content and Location. Follow the same for those as well incase any issues. 


-Make sure there are no errors in the log for ATG server where baseline index is triggered.
- Determine which of the above components is involved and check relevant data and its configurations.

For SchemaExporter and RepositoryTypeDimensionExporter: Click on 'Show XML Output' link to check its data as per below sample URL


For ProductCatalogOutputConfig or CategoryToDimensionOutputConfig:

 review its configurations as per below screen shot

Verify Product data generated using ProductCatalogOutputConfig  component

ProductCatalogOutputConfig  component

Verify Category data using CategoryToDimensionOutputConfig Component

CategoryToDimensionOutputConfig Component

CategoryToDimensionOutputConfig Component

2. Inspect data/logs on Endeca end 

Check if the data exists in Endeca after you confirm that the correct data is generated by ATG.

Look for any errors in the following log files or files in the following directories.  

On ITL Host where baseline runs: Foloowing are list of OOTB logs file.
\<app-name>\logs\<app-name>{number}.{number}.log, \dgidxs\Dgidx\Dgidx.log, \forges\ConfigurationGeneratorForge\ConfigurationGeneratorForge.log, \forges\Forge\Forge.log)

Note : For any pipeline customization e.g. Manipulators, different data source ,verify appropriate logs for the same.

On Dgraph host. For Development environment, Dgraph resides in ITL but in production arctitecture can be different:

Verify if the expected data available in record store or not.

By default,  Endeca Deployment Template for Product Catalog Integration creates the following record stores.

Find out which record store holds the data that is not indexing in Endeca and extract data from the record store to verify if the data exists or not.

Following commands read record store and convert data into xml file.
<CAS_Installation_Path/version/bin>recordstore-cmd.bat|sh read-baseline -a <RecordStoreInstanceName> -f <output>.xml

Verify data in following folders based on different systems.

Forge-Based System - <App_Instalation_path>\data\forge_ouput.
CAS-based system - <App_Instalation_path>\data\cas_ouput.

Record data is in a binary file format. This data can extracted using $ENDECA_ROOT/<veriosn>/bin/Binary2xml script.
Remaining file is in XML format to view.
Example :-  $ENDECA_ROOT/<veriosn>/bin/Binary2xml <app-name>-sgmt1.records.binary output.xml

Verify using endeca jsp reference application.

Endeca jsp_ref application available in PlatformServices and ToolsAndFrameworks both.
PlatformServices default port is 8888 and ToolsAndFrameworks is 8006.  Provide  'host' and 'port' in jsp ref text box to connect to Dgraph.




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Omk@r Patil said...

Hi Ajay,
I have a issue regarding my indexing, my baseline indexing is getting completed successfully but m not able to see any product in endeca jspref.
can you please guide me how to resolve this issue.

thanks in advance

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