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Record boost and bury is a mechanism by which the ranking of certain specific records is made much  higher or lower than other records. 1. R... thumbnail 1 summary
Record boost and bury is a mechanism by which the ranking of certain specific records is made much higher or lower than other records.

1. Record boost is a mechanism by which certain specific records are ranked highly relative to others.

2. Record bury is the opposite, that is, certain specific records are ranked much lower relative to others.

This mechanism lets you manipulate ranking of results in order to push certain types of records to the top or bottom of the results list.

Endeca properties must be explicitly enabled for use in record boost/bury filters.

Endeca Experience manager provides a OOTB cartridge to boost and bury records based on selected product ids or dynamic query(navigation state). Need to customize handler if personalization required based on profile data(Individual user). Find out use case at end of this post about how to use boost and bury in personalization.

The stratify relevance ranking module is used to boost or bury records in the result set.
The stratify relevance ranking module ranks records by stratifying them into groups defined by
EQL expressions. The module can be used:
1. Record search using Ntx parameter
2. Sort Options usinf Ns parameter

The stratify module takes an ordered list of one or more EQL expressions that are used for
boosting/burying records. 
The following example shows one EQL expression for the module:

This record search example queries for the term sku.activePrice in search interface All. Any record that has a sku.activePrice of greater than 95 will be boosted in relation to other records.

Note: When used for sort operations, must prepend the Endeca prefix to the stratify module name for use in the sort specification.

Use case

Product Recommendation should be populated based on following rule set:-
If user profile has petType, petSize & petActivity level set then use all 3 attributes.
If user profile has petType & petSize level set then use only 2 attributes.
If user profile has only petType set then use only petType attribute.
If None is selected then show the 10 products configured in the Endeca Cartridge.
Products are sorted based on the lastBrandVisit will be promoted (if set in profile) and then start date. Sorting
Top 10 products based on the petType, petSize & petActivity selection in quiz, sorted by top seller and newest to oldest.
If less than 5 products are found based on all attributes set in profile then get the remaining products by removing the specific attributes (remove petActivity and then remove petSize).


Record boost and bury solve the above problem statement using one query to Endeca MDEX engine. Customize recommendation cartridge and pass below query as part of preProcess() method using profile data.

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