Sunday, April 24, 2016

How to migrate CAS record store schema with data between environments?

As per ATG-Endeca Integration, All product catalog data gets stored in Endeca CAS record store during baseline process. Sometimes, these da... thumbnail 1 summary
As per ATG-Endeca Integration, All product catalog data gets stored in Endeca CAS record store during baseline process. Sometimes, these data needs to be migrated from Production to UAT or UAT to Dev.

Find out steps below to Migrate.

Export Data from Environment - Production

1. Identify record store names to be migrated.

Navigate to CAS Installation directory and list the record stores
/CAS/<<Version_number>>/bin->./ list-components

2. Identify if there are any active-transactions or not

./ list-active-transactions -a CRS_en_dimvals
./ list-active-transactions -a CRS_en_data
./ list-active-transactions -a CRS_en_schema

3. Fetch the current record store configuration


./ get-configuration -a CRS_en_dimvals -f CRS_en_dimvals.xml
./ get-configuration -a CRS_en_data -f CRS_en_data.xml
./ get-configuration -a CRS_en_schema -f CRS_en_schema.xml

4. Read data from record store and write into XML files

./ read-baseline -a CRS_en_dimvals -f data_CRS_en_dimvals.xml
./ read-baseline -a CRS_en_schema -f data_CRS_en_schema.xml
./ read-baseline -a CRS_en_data -f data_CRS_en_data.xml

Import Data with schema to enviornment -UAT

1. Set the CAS record Store Configuration using step 3 during import process

recordstore-cmd.bat set-configuration -a CRS_en_dimvals -f CRS_en_dimvals.xml
recordstore-cmd.bat set-configuration -a CRS_en_schema -f CRS_en_schema.xml
recordstore-cmd.bat set-configuration -a CRS_en_data -f CRS_en_data.xml

2. Use step 4 data and write record into record store 
recordstore-cmd.bat write -a CRS_en_dimvals -f data_CRS_en_dimvals.xml
recordstore-cmd.bat write -a CRS_en_schema -f data_CRS_en_schema.xml
recordstore-cmd.bat write -a CRS_en_data -f data_CRS_en_data.xml

Note :- CRS_en_schema is not used for CAS based Indexing after 11.1 version.


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